Hello, I’m Odafe Aror

I build web3 applications

I'm a self-taught software designer and engineer. In my career because I never stopped moving, I've managed to pick up a diverse set of skills, which looking back all point to one thing;

Create useful software for the world.

Recently I:
  • graduated from MEST Africa's premier entrepreneurship training program
  • and co-founded Mowblox (web3 & emerging tech education in Africa) which received $100k funding from MEST Africa

My current activities involves building web3 products like:
  • Memm! - mentorship marketplace to connect experts with a community of learners (Toposware Grant)
  • Moka - read digital books you own and can share built on NEAR

I also write about what I'm learning & building in short threads and longer articles.

Get in touch. Let's build together

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